Immigration Law Specialists

Visa, Immigration, Nationality and Human Rights Law.

Immigration Law Specialists

Visa, Immigration, Nationality and Human Rights Law.


At J K & Co Legal Consult we are known for our specialist up-to-date advice and representation to Migrants and their sponsors in the UK and abroad in all immigration matters. We work with our clients to find lasting solutions that fits with their Visa and immigration needs.

Our wealth of experience in Immigration Law practice spanning over a decade enhances the prospect of success in all applications especially on the more complex human rights cases, for instance in cases involving overstayers in a relationship or with a child/children.

Our services are tailored towards ensuring the best interests of our clients are served as well as offering value for money at all times. Messages from our satisfied clients attesting to this are on our Testimonials page.

Our range of services cover all Student and Work visa application and more general immigration areas like Family Permits, Asylum Claims to Settlement, Naturalisation and British Citizenship, UK Ancestry etc.

Our client care continues even after advice and representation to include follow up with the relevant authorities to ensure that your application is processed within the time stipulated by law.


Service to Employers

We assist UK employers in obtaining License from the Home Office to sponsor migrants from outside the European Economic Area to work in the UK. We’ll conduct a comprehensive analysis of the Capacity and Immigration Needs (CIN) of your business and advice you on the way forward towards obtaining your license.

We also undertake specialist services for UK employers wishing to employ skilled workers from outside the European Economic Area with entry clearance application, extension etc.

We provide full legal advice under consultation for a fee. During the Consultation we will conduct comprehensive assessment of your circumstance and discuss with you concerning your future plans.

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