Immigration Law Specialists

Visa, Immigration, Nationality and Human Rights Law.

Immigration Law Specialists

Visa, Immigration, Nationality and Human Rights Law.

Study in the UK

J K & Co Legal Consult is a private legal firm in the UK accredited and authorised by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) to provide immigration advice and services.
The firm is also an agent to leading UK student recruitment agencies like the SI-UK and the Online Business School. It also provides visa assistance to prospective students wishing to study in top rate universities in the UK as well as on-going immigration advice to students studying in the UK.

Why Choose J K & Co Legal Consult?

UK immigration rules can be complex and daunting to many people hence it is always advisable to seek for legal advice to enhance the prospect of success in all applications whether it be for entry clearance or leave to remain etc.

Our wealth of experience in assisting students gain admission to UK universities is well known as well as our visa support to prospective students around the globe and on-going legal advice to students already studying in the UK.

Study In-UK (SI-UK)

SI-UK is one of the most trusted UK agency brands and has preferential agreements with UK Universities, supports international student recruitment to the UK and holds contracts with the majority of UK universities.

UK Universities acknowledge SI-UK as the highest quality go-to admission consultation provider and UK global agency brand. SI-UK also holds the most extensive list of UK’s leading universities and is acknowledged as the highest quality go-to admission consultation provider and UK global agency brand with over 140 Global contracts with the UK’s leading universities such as University of Cambridge, UK; London Business School; Queen Mary, University of London, University of Glasgow, Bangor University, Bangor, Wales and many others.

Online Business School

For prospective students interested in online degrees without the high fees, the Online Business School (OBS) is the best option for you to study for a degree or MBA from UK Universities for less than £6,000.00. This is suitable for those in employment and wants to upgrade their qualification without having the leave their employment.

Simply put, OBS is delivering a learning revolution with affordable pathway to MBA or BA degrees at UK Universities. As online learning is becoming increasingly popular, top line universities around the world are recognising this and are seeking ways to embrace new principles and embed them into their learning models. These new ways of learning drive down the costs of a university education, making it more affordable and accessible. The OBS learning model takes advantage of this and delivers a great social learning experience.

OBS has developed an online education model that provides University credits and a pathway to a range of UK University top-up programmes at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels which makes university education accessible and affordable.

The OBS model is unique as it harnesses technology and provides the comfort and security of external support that many students still demand. OBS Courses can be studies anywhere at any time, at an affordable cost and on any device. With OBS, students can top up their studies whether by distance learning or on campus directly with the University of their choice.

Whichever option is applicable to you J K & Co Legal Consult will guide you and provide legal advice to enhance the prospect of success of your admission and your visa application.

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We provide full legal advice under consultation for a fee. During the Consultation we will conduct comprehensive assessment of your circumstance and discuss with you concerning your future plans.

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